Become a Vendor/Market Rules

Becoming a Vendor

First, you must have patience. There is a waiting list of people that would like to vend at the DCFM. The current time on the waiting list is at least five (5) years!

If you are still interested, write a letter to the Market Manager with the following information:

  1. A statement that you wish to be placed on the DCFM Waiting List.
  2. A general description of the product(s) that you wish to vend.*
  3. A $25.00 application fee. (Make checks to Dane County Farmers’ Market.)

* The DCFM allows only Wisconsin agriculturally related items that have been actively produced by the vendor. Craft-type items are not allowed. Please see Vendor Rules for more detailed information.

Mail your letter to:

Dane County Farmers’ Market
PO Box 1485
Madison, WI 53701

For additional information, contact the Market Manager at 608-455-1999 or

DCFM Rules

We recommend that potential vendors read these rules before deciding to apply for DCFM membership.

Download a PDF copy of the DCFM Rules