Gene Woller from Gentle Breeze Honey describing a hive to a future beekeeper.

Gene Woller from Gentle Breeze Honey describing a hive to a future beekeeper.

How do I volunteer to help at the Market?
Volunteers are always welcomed to help at the Information Booth, winter market breakfast, and other special activities. Please see our Volunteer page for more information.

What is the Taste of the Market Breakfast?
The Taste of the Market Breakfast is a full meal made using primarily Dane County Farmers’ Market products. It is served on-site at the late winter (Madison Senior Center) session, with seating invitingly located within the greater market.

A variety of local chefs and food-related volunteer organizations take turns as Guest Chef. Each week brings a different inspiration, different style, and tasty menu to the breakfast. The Taste of the Market Breakfast is an important showcase of producers’ products mastered through the skill and creativity of local chefs.

The meal includes beverages, live music (9 am to 11 am), and the warm ambiance of the community. Before or after breakfast many people do their weekly market shopping. Breakfast starts at 8:30 am and runs until about 11 am. Come early. When the food is gone they close the kitchen—until next week. For just $8.50 ($5 for a half-portion), the breakfast is enjoyed by hundreds of folks each week. The menu for the upcoming breakfast is always printed in the DCFM eNewsletter.

I heard there is an information booth at the Dane Country Farmers’ Market. What will I find there?
The Information Booth is a great resource for shoppers. You can learn about special events, pick up literature and maps, and locate your favorite DCFM member. It also serves as the local Lost & Found center and focuses emergency services, as needed. The booth is located at the top of State Street, at the corner of West Mifflin St. and North Carroll St.

Does the DCFM participate in the FoodShare program?
Yes, for more information visit the EBT Page.

What restaurants and grocery stores use the products of DCFM members?
The number of grocery stores and restaurants that use products from the DCFM is constantly growing and changing. While shopping the market, feel free to ask the various producers if their products are available elsewhere. Many of them provide lists of retailers carrying their products or have such lists on their website or Facebook page.

From Ebert's Greenhouse Village.

From Ebert’s Greenhouse Village. –Photo by Bill Lubing

Can I bring my pet to the Dane County Farmers’ Market?
No animals (except service animals ) are allowed on the Square during the Saturday Market. It’s a safety issue.

Does the Dane County Farmers’ Market have a weekly newsletter.
Yes, the DCFM emails a newsletter the Thursday before each Saturday market. You may subscribe to the newsletter here. You can visit the newsletter archive here.

How do I get permission to set up an information table on the Square for a non-profit group, special interest organization, or political cause?
Contact Sue (Capitol Police) at 608-266-7840.

How do I get permission to sell arts and crafts or single-serving food items across the street from the Square?
Contact Warren (City Vendor Coordinator) at 608-261-9171.

How do I get information about other events on or near the Square?
Contact Kelli (City Events Coordinator) at 608-266-6033 or email at klamberty@cityofmadison.com.