Strawberry Fields Forever

Fresh local strawberries definitely fall in the 'I'm just going to pop these straight from the pint into my mouth' category, but they also serve as the better halves to many different spring market finds!  Here are some of our favorite combinations

Strawberries + Spinach: Ripe sweet strawberries combine beautifully with fresh and slightly bitter greens. Top with a cheese of your choosing: whether crumbled blue cheese, fresh goat cheese, or grated parmesan!

Strawberries + Rhubarb: Strawberry and rhubarb recipes abound.  For the easiest combo, cook down strawberries and rhubarb into a tart and sweet compote to top ice cream, pancakes, or yogurt.  For a spring classic, bake up a strawberry and rhubarb pie encased in a flaky crust.  For a refreshing (and lactose free) treat, try whipping up a strawberry and rhubarb sorbet.

Strawberries + Anything Creamy: Anyone who has tasted fresh strawberry ice cream knows that tart berries are the perfect complement to creamy desserts and cheeses!  How about some burrata and strawberry bruschetta?  Have a birthday or special occasion coming up?  Try this strawberry whipped cream cake. Yum!