Member Connection

For DCFM members to connect over issues that matter to them.

Join the DCFM Member Connection Group!4621

Want to connect with other DCFM members to discuss topics that matter to you?  Want a sounding board for an idea you have about how to improve the market?  Join the DCFM Member Connection Group.  We meet about every two months after a farmers’ market and collaborate online via an email discussion group.

Look for the next meeting notice in the DCFM member newsletter, and click here to sign up for the online discussion group.  Note that this group is 100% independent from the DCFM board and that membership is limited to DCFM members and staff only.

Here are some reasons to join:

  • Get useful market information between newsletters
  • Have an opportunity to voice your opinions on market issues
  • Receive first hand observations on what transpired at board meetings
  • Have an opportunity to talk with board candidates prior to board elections
  • Provide a forum for communication between members
  • Provide links to websites that offer educational information on farmers markets (for example, Farmers Market Coalition)
  • Will be used as an organizational tool to promote positive change in DCFM practices