More than $48,000 donated to the Emergency Farmer Fund

Dear friends,

As of August 1st, we have officially closed our GoFundMe Emergency Farmer Fund campaign in partnership with the FairShare CSA Coalition! Thanks to the generosity of 438 donors, more than $48,000 has been fundraised for our small farmers and food producers.

To date, we have disbursed emergency grants to 78 farmer and small food producer applicants to aid their businesses and families during this time. Farmers have used this aid to pay land contracts and tractor payments, to launch home delivery services, to create online stores and websites, to pay for masks and cleaning supplies, to pay for essential medical bills and groceries, to make up for losses of income due to restaurant closures, among a myriad of other uses and needs. Our farmers are in awe of the generosity of our community.

We will continue to disburse remaining funds to our farmer applicants on a rolling basis.

Thank you for your generosity and your support!


Dane County Farmers' Market