Donate to our Emergency Farmer Fund by July 31st to support our farmers!

Dear Friends,

On March 18, 2020, we partnered with the FairShare CSA Coalition to launch a crowd-funding campaign to assist our farmers whose income was severely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. At that time, we had no idea (no one did) of the exact course our lives would all take and that still 4 months later, we would be working hard as a community to thrive within a new normal and adapt in spite of many hardships.

We are so touched and grateful that to date and thanks to the generosity of close to 400 donors, we have raised more than $46,000 for our Emergency Farmer Fund. Forty-eight farmer and small food producer applicants each have received $500 to aid their businesses and families during this time. Farmers have used this aid to pay land contracts and tractor payments, to launch home delivery services, to create online stores and websites, to pay for masks and cleaning supplies, to pay for essential medical bills and groceries, to make up for losses of income due to restaurant closures, among a myriad of other uses and needs.

We will be officially closing our crowd-funding campaign on August 1st and afterward disbursing all funds to our farmers to aid them. As one donor reminded us 'No Farms = No Food'! We are committed to keeping our farmers producing and feeding our communities during this critical time.

Please help us reach our fundraising goal of $50,000! Donate by July 31st so that the DCFM and FairShare CSA Coalition can continue to aid our farmers in fulfilling the essential services they provide.

Thank you for your support! We wish you and yours health and happiness.


Dane County Farmers’ Market