Happy National Farmers' Market Week!

Bringing you joy & nourishment since 1972

Join the Dane County Farmers' Market and farmers' markets across the country in celebrating the annual National Farmers' Market Week from August 2 - 8, 2020!

This National Farmers' Market Week has proven particularly reflective for us. The theme for the year is that #FarmersMarketsAreEssential. We couldn't agree more. Our communities have turned to their local farmers to keep them nourished during these turbulent times. Our small farmers and food producers play a vital role in our communities' economies and supply chains.


However, we also can't help but bristle against this emphasis. For us, the entire farmers' market experience (maybe even particularly during COVID) feeds our bodies - an essential task indeed - but it also feeds our souls.

Many reading this will understand the joy of getting home and unwrapping a beautiful bouquet of local blooms to arrange in a vase and the unparalleled joy the bunch of flowers brings for days.

Many reading this will understand the anticipation of biting into the first sweet corn of the season and the sheer pleasure of the kernels bursting as one abandons all expectations of not making a mess.

Many reading this will understand that a trip to the farmers' market - no matter where you have to park, when it is, that you should bring small bills, etc. - is simply worth it. It is worth it because of what you find, of the small conversations (even under a mask and 6 ft apart), of what you learn, and of what awaits you to eat in the days and week ahead that brings you such joy and nourishment.

It is all such a perfect antidote to living now in 2020 - something slower, something pleasurable, something special, something very human.

We hope now more than ever we are able to bring you joy and nourishment. This may be why we are more essential than ever. Happy National Farmers' Market Week!