Recipe of the Week - Garlic Scape & Chive Hummus


Have you spotted curly bunches of garlic scapes at market? These slender green flower stems are a win-win for you and the farmer! Picking them off the garlic plant encourages hearty bulb growth underneath the ground and to boot they are a delicious garlic-y ingredient to cook with in late spring and early summer. We love pureeing them into pestos and dips - like this hummus recipe from Inspired by the Seasons.




Into the bowl of your food processor, add the chickpeas, chives, scapes, lemon juice and 1 T of the olive oil and pulse until finely chopped. Add salt & cayenne if using and slowly drizzle in olive oil. 

You can start with 1/4 cup and then add more to reach a dip like consistency.  Serve with pita chips or sliced vegetables.  If you can, wait until after it has had a day in the refrigerator for enhanced flavor. 

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