Recipe of the Week - Strawberry Tart


This wonderfully easy, yet impressively delicious dessert from the Dairyland Cook takes no time to prepare. With the help of pre-made puff pastry and some cream cheese, this simple dessert is one you'll make time and time again during strawberry season!




1. Follow instructions for frozen puff pastry, as each package is slightly different. A pie pan should work well.

2. While puff pastry bakes, whip together the cream cheese, sugar, and lemon zest. 

3. Next, wash and dry berries, take stems off and slice in half.

4. After puff pastry has cooled, carefully smooth out the cream cheese layer. 

5. Then, starting in the middle and working your way around the pan, layer the strawberries in a concentric circle.

6. Heat the strawberry jam with a tiny splash of water just until it has thinned, and using a pastry bush spread on top of the berries for a nice glaze.

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