Recipe of the Week - Sausage and Summer Vegetables over the Camp Fire


Whether you are camping one last time with the whole family before school starts or are eager to savor the fresh smell of grass and the chirping sound of cicadas while grilling in your backyard, this recipe from 5 Senses Palate is the perfect summer meal. Loads of summer veggies paired with fresh sausages and herbs all cooked up in an aluminum foil pack. 



Start your fire with enough time ahead of cooking so that the coals are hot and the flames are down when you are ready to cook. Cut the aluminum foil in long pieces (about 15 inches), you’ll want to double it up, you’ll need as many pieces as pouches you want to make. We made 2 big ones, but you could also cook individual meals.

Start by peeling the sweet potato and carrots, Cut the green beans in halves, cut all the vegetables into 1.5 inch pieces, add to a big bowl. Mince the garlic and all the herbs, add to the bowl. Season with salt & pepper, add olive oil and toss gently to coat all the vegetables, I use my clean hands for better results.

Spread the vegetables on aluminum foil making sure they are in one layer for even cooking, crumple the edges to form a 1-inch wall. I double the bottom to make sure it doesn’t break while cooking or transferring. Nestle the sausages within the vegetables, making sure that they are touching the bottom of the foil. They’ll need the most heat to cook. Transfer carefully to the campfire grill grate. Cover with more aluminum foil. After 10 minutes or so, check the sausage, when the bottom is cooked turn them carefully, toss the vegetables to make sure they are cooking evenly.


Since you can’t control the heat of the fire, you’ll have to continuously check the sausage for doneness, as well as the vegetables. Our fire was really hot and it cooked in about 25 minutes. Make sure that the sausages are cooked all the way through, the vegetables should be tender but it’s ok if they have a little bit of a crunch too. When you are cooking outside no one is looking for perfection, just have a good time. Transfer to plates and enjoy with a cold beer!

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