Savor Autumn at Market

This Saturday marks the Autumnal Equinox! The appearance of gourds, dried bouquets, and fall veggies makes this fact undeniable and in our opinion very exciting. Just in case you haven't yet sipped some apple cider and gazed upon a dried bouquet, here are some ways to get cozy with fall the market way!

There are still many fresh flower bouquets at market featuring some of our favorite flowers (Sunflowers! Dahlias! Celosia!), but many vendors have dried or everlasting bouquets in vibrant or earthy hues as well. Pick up dried strawflower and globe amaranth bouquets. If you aren't looking for bouquets for your desk or table but have some porch or outdoor space you'd like to beautify, you can find mums in golden yellows and vibrant purples as well as hardy hibiscus at market.


Apples and apple cider may signal fall more than any calendar could! Savor apples in this delicious apple and blackberry crumble recipe. Or transform apple cider into the tastiest caramels! Find apple cider in pints and half-gallons at numerous vendor stands. Apples and cheese are an unlikely, but surprisingly good combo - try the pairing in this apple and sausage macaroni and cheese - the ultimate in comfort food!

You can find winter squash in all shapes, sizes, and colors at Market. Delicata squash is a long cylindrical squash with a creamy color and green stripes. And its skin is so tender you don't have to peel! Combine delicata squash with maple syrup in this recipe. Or try any of these 9 recipes to savor Kabocha squashKabocha squash is a Japanese squash that has the round shape of a pumpkin, but has a dark forest-green skin.


As always, don't forget to treat yourself. Our bakers have many delightful fall flavored treats - whether pumpkin bars or apple cider donuts - savor the flavors of the season!