Sweet corn and juicy tomatoes! A match made....at the Dane County Farmers' Market!

One of our favorite things about summer in Wisconsin is the arrival of sweet corn and juicy, chin-dripping vine-ripened tomatoes. These jewels of the Wisconsin summer are perfect for each other!

Double your pleasure by combining sweet corn and juicy tomatoes for the ultimate Wisconsin summer meal. Here are 6 tasty ways to make sure you enjoy summer's bounty. Find sweet corn and tomatoes of all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors for pre-order from both our WED PM and SAT AM WhatsGood online stores.


  1. A simple corn and tomato salad - pick up some green onions and fresh basil, and toss together this simple salad. Enjoyed alongside some grilled meats, it is the epitome of summer in a bowl.
  2. A fresh corn and tomato chowder - While we typically think of soups as more of a fall or winter food, this simple and light fresh corn chowder might just become a summertime staple. While it certainly doesn't need anything added to it - a garnish of bacon never hurts!
  3. Mexican quinoa salad - An easy, substantive salad - perfect for making ahead for a picnic or for lunch for the week, this salad combines quinoa with fresh corn, tomatoes, jalapeno, fresh cilantro, and black beans. While the recipe instructs you to par-boil the corn, we tried it with raw fresh corn and loved the results!
  4. A corn and tomato galette - Can't imagine turning on your oven? This savory galette may just convince you! The mixture of fresh veggies ensconced in a free-form crust will make you swoon - and make anyone who happens to be sharing your table beg for seconds.
  5. Roasted corn stuffed tomatoes - Do you love the filling for stuffed peppers, but aren't so keen on the cooked peppers? Stuffed tomatoes are the answer. Add some melty Wisconsin cheese and you have the perfect side-dish or lovely main dish - just pair it with a nice simple green salad.
  6. Tomato Upside-Down Cornbread - Say what? Just as promised, this cornbread is crispy, buttery, soft, and tangy. This treat is so much more than a humble cornbread, and it is a cinch to make. We added some fresh corn to the batter to really kick it up a notch.

Happy eating!