Tim Patterson

6 Juicy Questions

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Member: Tim Patterson, pictured above with wife Jaimie West, from Patterson Sugar Bush
Years with the DCFM: This is our first season

  1. What's your favorite product you make and why? We have done some test runs making granular maple sugar and hope to have it available this season. It makes baking a snap - no adjusting for liquid syrup.
  2. What is your favorite part of the Dane County Farmers' Market? How it brings together every Wisconsonite, from the Madisonian regulars to the families visiting for football.
  3. If you weren't making maple syrup, what would your occupation be and why? I am a musician! I play percussion and drums for Afrobeat, Brazilian, classical, folk rock, and African dance groups.
  4. What's your favorite word? Shradhanjali - meaning thanks to my teachers in Sanskrit.
  5. What's your current indulgence? I make the best carrot-maple-ginger cake with maple-cream cheese frosting. Maple everything!
  6. What's one thing patrons wouldn't know about you? I recently visited Cambodia with my wife - it was amazing!