A Brine So Fine

Although food preservation often calls to mind late summer days simmering fresh local tomatoes into a flavorful sauce or making chunky jams bursting with raspberries, quick pickling here in spring is a fantastic way to prepare local veggies and transform them into something unique!  Quick-pickling simply involves combining veggies with vinegar, water, and salt in a jar and placing them in the refrigerator.  Refrigerator or quick pickles can be eaten even within an hour of making.

Plus isn't a fresh, crunchy, salty pickle just the answer for these dog days?  No stove or oven required!

CUCUMBERS: Before you can walk, you need to crawl - how about a classic cucumber quick pickle?  They are amazingly versatile - throw in chopped green garlic, dried hot peppers, or fresh herbs - the possibilities are endless!  These easy dill quick pickles would be great on top of sandwiches, but also feel no shame if you eat them straight from the jar!  Do you prefer your tea sweet and your pork pulled?  How about these quick refrigerator bread and butter pickles?

GREEN BEANS: Pickled green beans or 'dilly beans' are quite the treat for kids and adults alike!  For a squeak-a-licious duo, eat with a bag of fresh cheese curds!

ASPARAGUS: Asparagus? You can pickle that! How about quick-pickled asparagus with shallots and tarragon?  These would be a great addition to a cheese and meat platter.

RADISHES: Did you miss our WI Whisk social media takeover the other week with food blogger Wisconsin Fun Next Exit? No fear! Try her quick pickled radish recipe found here.  Pickled radishes add tang and crunch to tacos and salads.

RHUBARB: For something truly out of the ordinary, try quick-pickling rhubarb!  We wonder wildly on how to use this salty and sweet condiment - maybe throw on top of ice cream or nestle in a sandwich with melted brie and arugula?

For a complete guide to quick pickling - check out The Kitchn's guide to quick pickle any vegetable!  Happy brining!