A salad a day!

We've all heard the adage regarding an apple-a-day, but don't let apples have all the fun.  How about eating a salad a day?  As you walk around the Market, stalls are loaded with the signs of spring -- lettuce, arugula, spinach, radishes, and the list goes on and on.  What better way to celebrate the abundance of produce offerings than whipping up a crunchy salad, filled with market offerings?

If you immediately think, 'salad - no thank you!' please read on!  Salads need not be boring or run-of-the-mill.   Here's our tried-and-true recipe for creating delicious salads every day!

1.  Mix it up - Fill a bowl 1/3 to 1/2 full with a mixture of different greens.  Mixing in some spicy mustard or mizuna is a great compliment to buttery early lettuce leaves.  Don't like lettuce?  No problem, try some massaged kale or some chiffonade spinach.  

2.  Add a combination of vegetables -  The secret to this step is variety!  Mix up the colors, shapes, and cuts of the different vegetables.  Try your hand at shaved asparagus, carrot coins, and radish matchsticks.  Pick vegetables that you love...and maybe one or two new ones!  Salads are a great way to experiment.

3.  Add something sweet -  Adding a nice topping of dried or fresh fruit provides a sweet, enticing counter-balance to the alkaline vegetables.

4.  Add something salty - The key to making your salad not taste like rabbit food, add something salty.  Options are endless...a crumble of bacon, a bit of goat cheese, or some savory pickles.

5.  Add something crunchy - some toasted homemade croutons, a handful of nuts, or some sunflower seeds transform your salad from ordinary to excellent.

6.  Make your own dressing - Homemade dressing is super easy and always surpasses what you can find at the grocery store!  (If you're in a hurry, try some vinaigrette from Renaissance Farms for as close to homemade as you can buy!)  Check out these 10 essential salad dressings to help build your repertoire.  

Other options include adding some grilled chicken or beef, tossing a handful or aromatic herbs into your salad, or adorning your salad with beautiful edible flowers!  

Cheers to a salad a day!