Big Batch Recipes

Whether you always need to feed a large crew during the week or you have a full house for the holidays or a big game, it's handy to have some big batch recipes on hand!

Did you see the calendar?  It is officially chili time! Grab big bags full of tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, onions, garlic, and a pound or more of ground beef from Wednesday Market and you got a chili going!  Although many recipes call for diced canned tomatoes - grab big slicers and dice them up for extra fresh tomato taste (throw in the juice from the cutting board too!). We even throw a little Wisconsin maple syrup in ours....

Along similar big-stew-pot lines, may we suggest some local okra-filled gumbo? Gumbo may not come to mind as a fall dish - but the ingredient list makes it the perfect fall meal - from carrots and onions to tomatoes and okra.
Nothing says gather-round-the-table quite like a big casserole dish full of eggplant parmesan. Savor those beautiful purple eggplant from market in this classic dish.

We can't forget dessert!  Make a big batch of apple and berry crumble to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth.

Are you a home-brewer? Mix up your beer-brewing routine by making a big batch of mead made with local honey!  5 lb jugs of local honey are available at market for you to make this 'nectar of the gods'. Or you could craft some apple wine with local cider....

See you at Wednesday Market!