Celebrate Summer with Farm to Table Cocktails and Mocktails!

How are you celebrating the official arrival of summer? We are excited to basically live out on the patio, entertaining friends and family with delicious farm-to-table cocktails and mocktails!  

We are all familiar with farm to table dining, but if you want to really kick up your beverage game, why not experiment with farm to table cocktails and mocktails? While the options are only limited by your creativity (and what's available on farmers' tables), here are three ideas to help you showcase amazing local products, in your glass!

1. The Bloody Mary - the epitome of a garden in your glass, once you try a fresh, local bloody mary, you will toss your canned mix into the trash and never look back! Fresh tomato and other vegetable juices, fresh herbs, and of course, a garden full of garnishes make the bloody a prime beverage to highlight your market finds! 

Add some earthy depth to your bloody by adding beet juice in this spicy beet bloody mary. Or ditch the tomato juice and enjoy the bright taste of a carrot bloody mary

Kick your bloody to the next level by adding some spice mix from Savory Accents or some fresh dehydrated celery powder from Hickory Hill Farms!  

It's a little early for pickling cukes, but you can always substitute some easy refrigerator pickles. Don't want to wait? Just pick up some pickles at the Market! Don't forget to add cheese curds and some beef sticks to your shopping list for the ultimate Wisconsin bloody mary garnish.

If you want to lighten up your bloody, we like substituting a crisp Wisconsin wheat beer for the vodka or ditching the alcohol completely and enjoying a non-alcoholic craft bloody for breakfast.


2.  The Mojito - perfectly cool and so refreshing, the mojito is a perfect way to celebrate the launch of summer!  While we don't (usually) grow limes in Wisconsin, it is easy to fill your mojito with Wisconsin goodness! Mint is abundant throughout the Market. Pair it with some cucumber or strawberry for a seasonal Wisconsin treat.  

Mojito recipes typically call for simple syrup. There is no need to reach for sugar when you can make a delightful simple syrup with Wisconsin honey. It's just as easy as regular simple syrup - just take equal parts honey and water and heat gently in a sauce pan until combined. Bottle, cap and store in the fridge for up to two weeks. For more information on how to use honey in your cocktails, check out this great information. If you really want to wow your guests, try infusing your honey with fresh herbs!

While mojitos are reserved for adults, you can easily make a child-friendly mocktail (without all the sugar and red dye commonly found in a Shirley Temple) by omitting the rum and adding some extra strawberries.


3.  Lemonade - the perfect way to cool off after a hot day, lemonade is a versatile palette to showcase the best the season has to offer.  Rhubarb lemonade (with or without some alcohol of your choice) is a staple beverage on our patio.  Lavender lemonade is floral and delightful and basil lemonade is pure summer in a glass.  Say goodbye to boring lemonade by adding fresh fennel. The fronds make a gorgeous garnish and this fennel lemonade syrup is the perfect base for cocktails and mocktails, alike.

While hot pepper season is not here yet, tuck this recipe for spicy cilantro lime lemonade away for their arrival.  

Cheers to Wisconsin farmers! Raise your glass and enjoy some Wisconsin goodness!