Coralia Harn of Violet Rose Co.

6 Juicy Questions

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Member: Coralia Harn of Violet Rose Co.
Years with the DCFM: ~29 years, since 1988

  1. What's your favorite product you grow and/or bake and why? The Herbes de Provence crackers. I visited Provence 20 years ago. I make my own herb blend for the crackers!
  2. What is your favorite part of the Dane County Farmers' Market? The customers. You get to know people!
  3. If you weren't a farmer/baker, what would your occupation be? Full-time grandma.
  4. What's your current indulgence? I love to read and spend time with my 10 grandchildren. The 10 of them range from 5 - 26 years old.
  5. What's one thing patrons wouldn't know about you? Many patrons wouldn't know that I'm from Panama and English is my 2nd language. I've lived in the states my whole adult life, but I do go home every year.  Also, many might not know that Stella's and Violet Rose Co. are named after each of my grandmothers. (Editor's historical note: Coralia originally owned Stella's Bakery with her late husband Max until it was sold/passed along to her daughter and son-in-law Julie and Brian Winzenried who currently own it!)
  6. Any other fun facts about you? I love to travel. I've been to every major country in Europe and South America.