Dish up some comfort (food)

Falling temperatures aren't the only reason that we are craving comfort foods this week. The heartache of our country calls for the ease and familiarity of some comfort food - just like Mom used to make. Whether it is tomato-glazed meat-loaf with browned butter mashed potatoesmacaroni and cheese with a crispy top, pancakes with fresh Wisconsin maple syrup, or some warm apple pie, the Market has the foods you need to help you feel comforted in these hard times. 

This Saturday, we invite you come to the Market - walk a little slower, make a little bit more eye-contact, smile at a stranger, strike up a conversation with the person who grows your food, and pick up the ingredients to make something nostalgic and warming to the soul. And maybe better yet, share the food that comforts you with someone that you love, your neighbor, or even a stranger.