Fire up the Grill!

After a brief little reprise of wintery weather, it looks like the sunshine has returned.  Whether you're a die-hard charcoal (wo)man, or a tried-and-true gas grill enthusiast, the time has arrived to fire up your grill for the season! Have you ever gotten back home from a delightful trip to the market, only to find that the ingredients you picked up don't really go together?  Enter the grill.  Whether it's veggies, meat, or even bread, the grill is the answer to how to prepare many of your market finds!  Here are some of our favorites.... 

 1.  All-beef hot dogs --  A throw-back to your youth, everyone loves a hot dog on the grill.  Forget the hot dogs from the store, packed full of questionable ingredients, and pick up some all-beef franks from one of several different DCFM members, including Northwoods Organic Farm, Marr Family Farm, or the McCluskey Brothers.  Having flashbacks to terribly burnt, dried-out hot dogs? Check out these tips for the perfectly grilled frank.  Make sure to pick up some home-made ketchup or hot sauce, and don't forget the buns! 

 2.  Pizza -- Is there any better blank canvas for your farmers' market finds than a chewy, crispy grilled pizza?  We think not.  The combinations are endless, but shaved asparagus and morels top our list! Need some inspiration? Check out these winning combos.   

 3.  Salad -- really?  Salad on the grill?  Let the vegetables in on the action and try your hand at grilled salad.  Beets, tomatoes, kale, potatoes and yes, even lettuce are delightful on the grill.  Feeling skeptical - check out these recipe ideas.