Flower power

Have you caught the flower buzz?  Wednesday and Saturday Markets are brimming with flowers in all shapes, colors, and sizes!  Some to plant and some to fill vases. Here's a little help to get to know some blooms!

We've been captivated lately by the lilac (see photos) that has arrived at market. The smell of fresh lilac is divine and it comes in beautiful shades from white to pale lavender to deeper shades of purple. Grab a bouquet to put by your bedside and wake up to a wonderfully scented site!

Is it just us, or are dahlias complete magic?  Dahlias come in every shade under the sun (except blue) and range from the smaller varieties to 'dinner plate' dahlias which are as big as your head!  Right now, you can grab dahlia plants at market so you can grow your own!  Bonus: they make excellent cut flowers so you can bring some of that vibrant beauty indoors as well.

Begonias feature vibrant petals that look like they should adorn a cake!  These blooms are prized for their ability to provide season-long color in shady spots in the lawn or on the porch!

For hostas, flowering blooms, tomato plants, and everything in between, check out our Wednesday nursery members: Natalie's Garden & Greenhouse, Stenrud Greenhouse, Kopke's Greenhouse, Lost Lake Acres Greenhouse, Carpenters Farm, Lancour's Greenhouse & Produce, and Frey Family Farm!  As always, if you're stumped for what would work best for you, ask the grower behind the stand!