Frozen treats

Shaved ices, popsicles, and ice cream: nothing conjures memories of summer quite like frozen treats!  The real secret to cooling confections that burst with flavor? Well local fruits and herbs, of course!  Here are some simple (many are only 3-4 ingredients) frozen treat recipes whether for your children, the special person in your life, or you.

This strawberry ice cream features fresh strawberries, cream, sugar, and whole milk - simple and utterly delicious. Plus it is a great way to savor the last strawberries of the season!

For a true chilled treat, try this strawberry-horchata shaved ice.  Horchata (a milky beverage made from rice and spiced with cinnamon) is poured on top of mashed fresh market strawberries and sprinkled with almonds and spices.

Fruit doesn't have to have all the fun!  Savor fresh and aromatic basil in this creamy and fresh lemon basil sherbet.

You'll notice a pattern in making fresh popsicles - puree fruit with sugar and lemon juice, freeze in molds, enjoy!  These raspberry pops are no different.  Feel free to experiment with the exact fruit mixture too - throw in dollops of yogurt for creaminess or fresh herbs like mint.

Of the great culinary combinations, strawberry and rhubarb top the list. Try these strawberry rhubarb coconut milk pops that are sweetened with maple syrup!

When you are able to snag fresh market blueberries (they made their debut at Saturday Market this weekend!), combine with Wisconsin goat cheese in this tasty ice cream!