Get in the Flow

With busy lives in mind, we often provide easy weeknight meal ideas using the fresh and unique ingredients you can find at market.  We don't often have time for 2+ hour (30 min+?) cooking projects... but sometimes when an opportunity presents itself, it is really satisfying to get in the flow and undertake a small project!  Here is some inspiration if you're able to carve out some time featuring ingredients and plants you can find at Wednesday market!

  • Cooking!  Although not time intensive, crafting a tasty meat and cheese board is a fun project (not counting the fun to eat if afterward).  Grab some fresh goat cheese and blocks of cheddar at market along with sea salt crackers or some bread to toast up. Grab an array of beef sticks to add savory goodness.  Make your own pickled asparagus or tomato jam to round out the platter!  
  • Baking!  Carve out an afternoon or evening (a particularly rainy one would work great) and make this rhubarb upside-down cake.  Top it with this maple whipped cream for extra decadence!
  • Planting!  Bring some green indoors and plant a windowsill herb garden. You can get a whole host of herb starts at Wednesday Market.  Basil, rosemary, mint, and oregano will keep you flush in herbs and ready to add flavor to pasta sauces, garnish meat straight off the grill, and mix up a tasty cocktail (like this cucumber-mint gin fizz)!