Glenn Clark

6 Juicy Questions with Glenn and Kathy Clark

Member: Glenn and Kathy Clark from Sugar River Bakery (Glenn pictured above)
Years with the DCFM: 30+ years

  1. What's your favorite product you make and why? Scones.  As the first bakery at market to make scones, we used to have to explain what a scone was.
  2. What is your favorite part of the Dane County Farmers' Market? Interacting with our customers!
  3. If you weren't a cheesemaker, what would your occupation be and why? Glenn was formerly a draftsman and Kathy is a retired clinical laboratory scientist.
  4. What's your favorite word? Hunky-dorey
  5. What's your current indulgence? For Kathy it is flowers and for Glenn, craft beer.
  6. What's one thing patrons wouldn't know about you? Glenn was a former helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War....but after 30+ years at the Market, there isn't too much that his customers don't already know about him:)