Kay Jensen from JenEhr Farms

6 Juicy Questions

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Member: Kay Jensen from JenEhr Farms (along with her husband Paul Ehrhardt and daughter Sarah)
Years with the DCFM: 14 

  1. What's your favorite product you grow and why? Paul loves to grow broccoli, broccoli, broccoli because it just makes him so happy, and I love to grow tomatoes because through the use of hoop houses, we can grow the perfect the tomato, with flavor that brings back my childhood memories.
  2. What is your favorite part of the Dane County Farmers' Market? It's two-fold - I love talking to other farmers and I love seeing our customers' families grow and change.
  3. If you weren't a farmer what would your occupation be and why? I would be a world-traveling book reviewer --  I love to travel and I read 90 books a year and love to talk about them.
  4. What's your favorite word? Turgid
  5. What's your current indulgence? I love finding a deal! I'm not interested in cheap, but I love the hunt for finding the right thing for a fair price
  6. What's one thing patrons wouldn't know about you? I lived on a kibbutz in Israel.  
**After nine years of trying, JenEhr is very excited to bring their first bumper crop of certified organic blueberries to Market this Saturday!  Visit them on S. Pinckney St, near the intersection with E. Washington Ave.**