Kelly Lor of Lor Farm

5 Juicy Questions: Get to know your favorite DCFM members!


Vendor: Kelly Lor of Lor Farm
Years with the DCFM: ~17 years

  1. What's your favorite product you grow, raise, or make and why?  Veggies & flowers, especially flowers. I like to work with them and talk to them!  "How are you doing today?"
  2. If you weren't a farmer, what would your occupation be? I can't imagine being anything other than a farmer. I've farmed since 1988!
  3. What's your current indulgence? I enjoy spending time with my family. 
  4. What's your favorite color? I like all colors, but I really don't like purple!
  5. What's your favorite season?  I like both winter and summer - I don't mind the cold of winter.