Mark Olson from Renaissance Farm

6 Juicy Questions

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Member: Mark Olson from Renaissance Farm
Years with the DCFM: 'Please let me know this answer!' (Editor's note:  We believe Mark has been with the DCFM for 35 years.)

  1. What's your favorite product you grow and why? Basil.  Why do we love anything?  I have grown to understand it!
  2. What is your favorite part of the Dane County Farmers' Market? $20 bills!  (haha) The people and the connections over time.  The shared experience.
  3. If you weren't a farmer and baker, what would your occupation be and why? An adventurer or explorer.
  4. What's your favorite word? YES
  5. What's your current indulgence? Activities with consequence...white water kayaking, skate sailing, flying an 8 meter kite...that drag me thru the mud as I learn.
  6. What's one thing patrons wouldn't know about you? If I don't love it, I can't do it.