Market Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers

We think stockings are magical. Although you often find large items at market (locally raised turkeys! Big pumpkins!), you can also find Wisconsin Goodness in small stocking-size.  


Liquid Gold

When school groups visit market during the summer months, we are reminded of the magic of honey sticks! Grab a handful and put one in every stocking you encounter. Another idea is to attach it to the outside of gifts with ribbon or twine – even for the adults. Grab honey sticks from the The Bee Charmer and Marsdens Pure Honey. Another sweet and pourable option? Grab a tiny pint of local maple syrup from McCluskey Brothers, Hickory Hill Farm, Cherokee Bison Farm, or Patterson’s Sugar Bush.


Suds up the Local Way

Stuff stockings with soaps featuring soothing local goat milk, emu oil, or animal tallow. Find soaps in all shapes and sizes at Brantmeier Farm, Sylvan Meadows Farm, and Valley View Emus.


Big Flavor Comes in Small Packages

Treat your hot sauce aficionado to a hot sauce in their stocking! Or complement the chocolate Santa with some spicy toffee from Savory Accents for a unique sweet and spicy stocking stuffer.