Prep for Winter!

There are officially 2 Wednesday Markets left this outdoor season!  But there is still so much local goodness to savor. Here are some tips to get your pantry or kitchen in tip-top shape for the winter season.

Load up your pantry (or freezer!) with the flavors of summer!

Many associate summer with preserving, but fall takes the cake as the best time to do it!  Turning on the oven and firing up the stove is welcome now as you search your closet for a cozy sweater.
Roasting peppers is a fantastic way to preserve the array of varieties you can find at Wednesday Market, but it is also a way to transform the flavor into something rich and smoky! Here's how to easily roast them up. Or if you know you'll use them in a soup or stir-fry, simply chop up raw and place in freezer bags in standardized portions (like 1 cup, 2 cups) for easy use in the middle of winter.
Grab an extra bag of apples and cook down into a delightful apple sauce using the slow cooker and store in the freezer for up to 3 months. Apple sauce may be considered kid fare, but it is a fantastic topping for potato pancakes and great as a side dish with braised sausages and cabbage.

Grab a few extra storage crops and savor Wisconsin goodness all winter long!

  • ONIONS - The dry bulb onions you'll find at market now will last for months if stored properly. Find a cool, dark, and dry place for them. (The refrigerator is not an ideal place for them for long-term storage.) You can even use some pantyhose to make sure they get good air circulation.
  • WINTER SQUASH - As a rule of thumb, the harder and thicker the skin - the better a squash will store. Look for butternut, acorn, kabocha, and buttercup varieties which store best and place in a cool and dry place.
  • GARLIC - Garlic stores very well in mesh bags or woven baskets. You could also dehydrate it, store it in vinegar, or roast it!
  • POTATOES - Store potatoes in a cool, dark spot and keep separate from fruits and onions which can cause potatoes to sprout early. As always, ask the producer behind the stand which varieties would work best for storing!

Lack a lot of storage space?  No fear, you can grab these items all winter long at our indoor markets.