Summer has Arrived....and June Dairy Month, strawberries, and Double Dollars!

Cottonwood fluff blows in the breeze, the smell of peonies wafts thru open windows, and kids across Wisconsin eagerly wait for the final school bell of the year.  After a cool and wet spring, it seems like magically summer has arrived overnight.  The beginning of June brings some very special things with it - Dairy Month, strawberries, and the 2017 Double Dollars Program!  

Many of us choose to celebrate Wisconsin dairy all year round -- but did you know that June is actually Dairy Month?  What better excuse to come to the Market and pick up some amazing Wisconsin cheese and celebrate!  

If you don't know your asiago from your gouda, check out this great guide to Wisconsin cheese varieties from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.  

We would wager a guess that there are more than 100 types of cheese at the Dane County Farmers' Market.  If you're going to have time to try them all - you may need to eat cheese morning, noon, and night.

Cheese in the Morning - Start the day off right by pairing some delicious locally-grown strawberries with some havarti cheese.  Easy, nutritious, and portable!  If you prefer something more substantial, pick up some buns and farm-fresh eggs for this delectable bacon, blue-cheese breakfast sandwich!

Cheese at Noon - What's the best way to eat cheese for lunch?  Well, grilled cheese, of course.  No need for this staple to be boring.  Pick up some pesto from New Leaf Fields or Violet Rose Artisan Foods, harissa paste from Savory Accents, a nice juicy tomato from Canopy Gardens or Don's Produce, or some spicy mustard greens from many different DCFM vendors to help transform your classic grilled cheese sandwich into a masterpiece.  Here is some inspiration to ensure your grilled cheese is anything but ordinary!

Cheese at Night - Spend a little time in Europe and you will quickly learn that a cheese platter is truly the only civilized way to end a meal.  A cheese platter is the perfect canvas to highlight more robust cheeses like a bandaged cheddar or some fragrant blue cheese - and it much more simple than most dessert recipes.  Don't forget to grab some jam or jelly, sweet local honey, a pint of super fresh strawberries, and some crackers while you're at Market - and check out how to create a dessert cheese platter in four steps.  Let us not forget that one of the best things about indulging in cheese at night is that it is perfect for pairing with wine or Wisconsin beer!  This  great interactive guide will help you create the perfect pairings.

Cheese and Cheers!


Double Dollars starts June 3rd!

Madison Area Farmers’ Market Double Dollars is a program for SNAP/FoodShare users. The program offers a dollar for dollar match for all SNAP transactions up to $25 per market day.

In order to receive Double Dollars, SNAP/FoodShare users bring their Quest EBT card to the farmers’ market EBT or information booth. The shopper decides how much they would like to withdraw from their account, then receives market money and Double Dollars that are each worth $1. Every shopper gets a dollar-for-dollar match up to $25, doubling what they withdraw.

The market money and Double Dollars can be spent at any vendor’s stand selling SNAP-eligible products. This includes bakery, fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, and seeds and plants to grow food. Market money and Double Dollars cannot be used to buy nonfood items (like flowers or wreaths) or hot foods (like those served at food carts).

For a list of participating farmers’ markets, or for more information, please check out Community Action Coalition’s website.

Are you interested in supporting local food access for all?  Go here and select “Double Dollars” from the Program menu.