Take a Break!

September seems to be the time of year that our lives really kick into high-gear. If you are a student or have students, the beginning of September brings back-to-school, soccer practice, band practice, and generally a LOT of running around. Even if you are not bound by a school schedule, the days of relaxing on the back deck with an adult beverage may seem like a thing of the past. By the end of September, we often feel over-worked, tired, and stressed out. 

This weekend, we urge you to take a break! Carve out some time to relax and enjoy some Wisconsin goodness.

The Market is bursting with delicious local foods, brilliant colors, and everything you need to take a minute to slow down and enjoy the changing of the seasons.

Does the thought of slowing down make you panic? We're here to help. Here are three ways to lighten your load and enjoy this time of year.

1. Nourish yourself - Eating well can make you feel more relaxed. Which works perfectly since the Market is filled with nutritious products! Why not curl up with a bowl of apple-butternut squash soup? Whip up a fall farro salad for your weekday lunch. Or enjoy a kale saute with apples and bacon -- equal parts decadence and nourishment.

2. Create a ritual - A ritual is simply a conscious, intentional action that brings you joy. It could be as simple as buying flowers at the Market each week to make your workspace more beautiful. Or perhaps you come to the Market each Saturday and enjoy sharing a donut with your kids. One of our favorite rituals is eating freshly popped popcorn and drinking apple cider for supper each Sunday (often while we watch the Packers). Each week a different member of the family gets to choose the popcorn toppings. Whether it is knitting, reading, or going for a walk - carve out space in your life for something that brings you joy.

3. Pamper yourself - Buy some special soap from the Market; enjoy a mug of fresh mint tea with honey before you go to bed; indulge in some special cheese, jam and crusty bread for dinner; make a face mask with local raw honey; or simply add some fresh eucalyptus to your shower. Do whatever it is that makes you feel special.