Unique Finds

Market is full of the delights of summer and fall from tomatoes to apples and peppers to squash. But there are also a host of unique finds that you may not recognize. Here are some products to look out for on farmer tables!

Daikon radishes are long creamy white radishes with a fresh flavor and a bit of a bite. They are perfect paired with a rich Chinese brisket or paired with shredded carrots in this pickle recipe.

Osage orange is the inedible fruit of the Osage Orange tree - also known as Hedge Apple. These funny looking green, bumpy balls are known for being a natural insect repellent. Place in a bowl for a beautiful, seasonal, and fragrant table-top arrangement.

Concord grapes made their debut at Wednesday Market last week. These grapes are wildly (and wonderfully) different from the grapes you find at the grocery store. These grapes are sweet, and have a jelly like interior, and -of course- are Wisconsin grown! They are a delight made into a classic concord jam, folded into a muffin batter, or reduced down to a puree perfect for ice cream or your next cocktail.

Asian pears are small round fruits native to East Asia. These pears are not generally baked as they have a high water content and crisp texture. Serve Asian pears raw in an arugula salad with goat cheese or chopped into a soy dipping sauce for lamb bulgogi.
See you at Wednesday Market!