Veggie ready

A series of questions for you: 1) Have you ever read a recipe labeled 'super easy' or 'weeknight ready' and finished the cooking endeavor frustrated 1 hour later with a sink full of pans?  2) Do you see the abundance on farmer tables and wonder what to do with all the just-harvested goodness? and 3) Are you a 'sauce' man or woman?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, we have some inspiration for you!  The main gist? Mix some pantry and refrigerator ingredients together into a sauce; chop up market veggies (and maybe meats!); add veggies to sauce and simmer until tender; serve with rice or pasta; eat!  Here are some of our favorites with what's 'super fresh' now and what will be on tables shortly!

  1. Spicy ginger stir-fry sauce:  A classic no-fail stir-fry sauce!  Feel free to adjust to make spicier or sweeter depending on your crowd.  Also don't hesitate to swap out Wisconsin honey for the sugar.
    • Now use with green onions, beef, asparagus, fresh green beans, green garlic
    • Later in May add in radishes
  2. Lemon parmesan cream sauce: Making good pasta doesn't have to be too complicated - don't rinse cooked pasta... save some pasta cooking water to add to sauce to make it cling to noodles better... top with tons of parmesan!
    • Now use with hoophouse tomatoes, spinach
    • Later in May add in kale
  3. Thai red curry peanut sauce: Replicating take-out can be difficult - but this sauce recipe comes close!  Don't fret if you don't have fish sauce, consider substituting a bit of soy sauce instead to add some umami!
    • Now use with fresh green beans, sweet potatoes
    • Later in May add in snap peas