We got what you need!

The Dane County Farmers' Market probably jumps to mind when you are looking for your localvore treats -- the first morels of the season, a flat of juicy strawberries to make jam, or that heritage turkey for your Thanksgiving table. But do you think about the Dane County Farmers' Market when you think about your everyday grocery shopping?  

In addition to the vibrant rainbow of produce available this time of year, the Market is also brimming with the (less sexy but oh so important) everyday ingredients that we stock in our pantries, refrigerators, and freezers. These are the ingredients that often don't make the headlines, but if you have them in your kitchen, you have the ingredients for dinner! Once you try these common essentials straight from the farmer, we guarantee you'll be impressed with the improved quality and freshness over what you'll find at a typical grocery store. Here are four of our most faithful everyday ingredients, and a few new ideas on how to use them.

 1.  Eggs:  The incredible, edible....you know the rest.  We often reach for eggs for breakfast, but they are also great for a quick lunch or easy dinner. If you're continually frustrated by peeling hard-boiled eggs, behold - the recipe for easy-peel hard-boiled eggs. Infinitely adaptable and customizable, the frittata can easily do triple-duty for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Did we mention that you can even make it ahead? Here is the only recipe you'll ever need for a frittata.

 2.  Potatoes:  The humble spud is a great pantry staple - they can be prepared so many ways and need not be boring. Transform them into moist, no-knead potato rolls or if you're looking for a quick week-day meal that everyone will enjoy - loaded baked potato nachos!  Feeling more like some Sunday dinner decadence? How about brisket and cheese stuffed baked potatoes?

 3.  Beans: Dried beans are nutritious, easy to store, and low cost (and they look pretty in your pantry, packaged in Mason Jars). Are you intimidated by the whole soaking process? Never fear, you don't need to soak your beans!  Try these 7 amazing no-soak recipes!  We also like to cook up a big batch of dried beans and then freeze them for use later - you can use them in place of canned beans in any recipe, like this black bean confetti salad.

 4.  Chicken:  Chicken is quick, versatile, and liked by most! You can buy many different cuts from our farmers, but we like to grill a whole chicken so there is plenty left-over for weekday lunches or quick dinners, like strawberry chicken cobb salad or atop a cold noodle salad.

Make sure you bring an extra grocery bag this week so you can stock up on some local everyday ingredients!