Gitto Farm n Kitchen


Greg & Carol Gitto, Laura Gitto; Katie Gitto


Watertown, WI

About Us

We own and operate an exclusively family-run, 3-dimensional, certified organic Farm & Kitchen.

1) The Dairy Farm: We currently milk about 65 Jersey cows, some of which becomes grass-fed hamburger*, which we enjoy ourselves, and offer at the DCFM.

2) The Vegetable Farm: For the first time since we became DCFM members, we will not be growing our usual wide variety of vegetables* for sale. We had been pulled in too many directions for a while. Then (Feb 2017) one more — daughter, no less! — got married and (horrors!) moved away! Now it seems best to minimize out-of-our-control elements (like weather and weeds), and maximize family. If only we could have it all — quality family time, quality products, and DCFM patronage :) But keep your eyes open, as we just might ”overproduce” what we grow for ourselves, and bring such to Market!

3) The Kitchen: The home of our ever-popular artisan tortillas*. And where we process various vegetable products, such as frozen squash, peppers, pesto, etc. We’ll also likely be introducing more value-added products, to counteract the deficit in vegetable production.

*For more info, please see Product Description(s)

About Our Products

Our grass-fed hamburger: Two options available, both from our certified organic dairy herd--1) 100% grass-fed; these animals were bull calves-become-steers, exclusively hay-fed (weather-permitting--fresh pasture; otherwise baled); 2) Our "85%" grass-fed; these are from the milking herd, who for any of various reasons (i.e. failure to breed back, or a bad hoof) are no longer worth feeding the dairy ration, which includes a little grain and corn (non-GMO, of course!).

Our tortillas: They're certified organic, and the most versatile, thin, and addictively flavorful tortilla or wrap you'll ever find. Only six simple ingredients (flour, vinegar, coconut oil, baking soda, salt, and water), so do refrigerate--they'll then last a month for you (unless your household includes hungry teenagers or other Appreciators of Good Food!!).

Our veggies: Yep, certified organic :) Unfortunately, this summer we don't expect to be producing for the Market (except possibly salad greens); then in late fall (on the Square) and the winter (indoor) markets we should have carrots, beets, onions, and salad greens.

What We Offer

  • Asian greens
  • Beef
  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Lettuce (salad mix)
  • Tortillas

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