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Verona, WI

About Us

Savory Accents, previously known as Out of our Gourd, specializes in Chili Pepper products. We produce a large variety of chilies ranging from the popular Jalapeno to one of the hottest chilies around, the famous Habanero. Our chilies are harvested and processed fresh from our gardens in Verona, Wisconsin.

Our gardening techniques focus on the concept of “terroir”, the impact of soil, sun, moisture and the mastery of gardening. This has a direct correlation to the intense flavor and heat found in our chili peppers. It’s not just about hot, it’s about intense flavor. We feel that once you’ve tried our pepper products, you’ll agree!

About Our Products

You can find an array of fresh chilies at our stand at the Dane
County Farmer’s Market in Madison, Wisconsin. We are located just
across from Inn on the Park Hotel at the corner of West Main street and
South Carroll. We also provide a variety of processed products such as
Hot Pepper Seasoning, Spicy Oils, Hot Sauces, and Vinaigrettes. Our
goal is to enhance all of your savory dishes with spice and flavor.

Some of our top selling products include:

Blended Chilies Hot Sauce: This hot sauce will add a little (or a lot of) spice to all that you prepare, defining a whole new taste dimension. Try it on eggs, to spice up tomato juice, or splashed on cottage cheese topped with sliced tomatoes.

Chili Jam: Great appetizer, spread some cream cheese on crackers and top with a bit of Chili Jam. Enjoy the wonderful combination of sweet and spice.

Chili Pepper Oil:First you’ll taste the wonderful flavor — a carefully balanced mixture of peppercorns, anise, and garlic. Then a gentle warming glow of red pepper adds just the right amount of “after heat.” The result is a wonderful balance of hot and flavor that’s perfect for your stir fries and marinades. And it makes an excellent companion to pasta.

7 Chili Blend Hot Pepper Seasoning: Our savory seasoning can accent your soups, sauces, grilling, pizza, and even the best bloody mary’s! This is a great pepper lover’s delight.

Chili Vinaigrette: Our Chili Vinaigrette makes a terrific salad dressing, with a hint of spice and touch of heat. As a marinade on chicken or shrimp it adds zip without an abundance of heat.

Harissa Paste:A standard ingredient of North African cuisine, we made ours in our own kitchen using the hot peppers we grow ourselves. This no-compromise paste is wonderful with meat, fish, and vegetables.

Spicy BBQ Rub: Our Spicy Barbecue Rub will notch up the taste of your steaks, pork, chicken. fish, shrimp–even potatoes and onions splashed with a little olive oil and then wrapped in tin foil.

Spicy Honey: This Spicy Honey is superb with hot tea. Delicious as a topping on goat cheese and as a natural sweetener.

Spicy Brownie Mix: Our Spicy Brownie Mix is perfect for any dinner party. With just the right amount of spice, and perfectly gooey, these brownies are certain to to be a hit among any crowd. Just add butter and eggs and bake for a delicious dessert in no time!


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