Betty Forest


Fitchburg, WI

About Us

Eplegaarden is “da apple orchard wit da Norvegian Exposure” located in Fitchburg, WI, about 8 miles south of the state capital. It was created by Laverne and Betty Forest and their 3 children in 1985 on a 100 acre farm  and started selling apples in 1992.  Laverne grew up on an 80 acre farm in western Minnesota, was a professor on the UW Madison ag campus and dreamed of having a farm where people could come out to and pick their own produce and see where their food came from.  Betty grew up in eastern Minnesota, was a pharmacist (UW graduate) and loved nature and the outdoors. The name, Eplegaarden, means “the apple farm” in Norwegian.

About Our Products

Eplegaarden has 6000 apple trees, about 12 acres of pumpkins, an acre of fall raspberries, and an acre of asparagus. Although the produce is not certified organic, it is grown using integrated pest management, meaning we identify insects and pests in the orchard and control them as needed. We are a "selv plukk" (you pick) orchard but we do have a store in the old dairy barn also.

What We Offer

  • Apples
  • Asparagus
  • Pumpkins
  • Raspberries