Gentle Breeze Honey, Inc.


Eugene & Donna Woller, Timothy G. Woller, Cathy Woller


Mount Horeb, WI

About Us

As owners of Gentle Breeze Honey, Inc, Eugene & Donna Woller have been producing pure Wisconsin honey since 1965. Tim (son of Eugene and Donna) & Cathy Woller and their sons joined the business in 2015. What began as one man’s passion has become a three-generation Woller family tradition! Our devoted staff works diligently to offer superior honey at a fair value while nurturing healthy honeybees. As you enjoy our honey, celebrate with us the industrious collaboration of beekeeper and honeybees.

About Our Products

Gentle Breeze Honey, Inc. offers pure Wisconsin honey in a variety of sizes ranging from half-pints to 60# pounds, along with beeswax candle and wax products. Our honey is produced in Southwestern Wisconsin where bees forage on flowers in hay fields, orchards, small produce farms and prairies. We handle our honey with care: it is warmed and strained, but hasn’t been overheated or force-filtered.

Along with our traditional honey, Gentle Breeze Honey, Inc. also offers a variety of specialty honey products:

  • honey spread is 100% pure honey which has been slowly whipped to transform the texture to a sublime and silky spreadable delight!
  • honey comb is honey in its most original state--beeswax and honey eaten together! This traditional way to eat honey is sure to fascinate and delight honey enthusiasts of all ages!
  • dark honey is a byproduct of our beeswax extraction process. It's bold and audacious flavor scores high marks for many consumers.
  • beeswax candles and wax are the end-result of salvaging the beeswax during our honey extraction process. Our candles made with pure beeswax burn slowly and brightly, and have a naturally delicate honey fragrance.

We invite you to stop by our Dane County Farmer's Market stall and sample our array of products! We are very grateful for our customers, and love visiting with you at the market where we learn about all the ways that people enjoy our honey and beeswax products!

What We Offer

  • Beeswax candles
  • Honey (spun, comb)