Patterson Sugar Bush


Tim Patterson, Richard Patterson


Park Falls, WI

About Us

Five generations of Patterson’s have made maple syrup at our family sugar bush nestled between the two forks of the Flambeau River in Park Falls, WI. Founded in 1988, Patterson Sugar Bush takes great pride in our forest, is committed to low-impact sap collection practices and utilizes energy-saving cooking systems. Patterson Sugar Bush is proud to offer 100% pure maple syrup from forest to fork. Sweet!

About Our Products

Coming in June 2018, we will be introducing several new products to the market, most notably Maple Sugar and Maple Syrup aged in Old Sugar Distillery's Queen Jennie whiskey barrels! 

Our pure maple syrup is produced from sugar maples on our land that is been in the family for over 140 years.  Tapped in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, our maple syrup has an intense, robust flavor. Stop on by to try a sample and check out our featured recipes of the week.

What We Offer

  • Maple syrup

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