Bull's Ranch


Jeannie & Greg Bull


Cazenovia, WI

About Us

Bull’s Ranch is a small husband and wife run farm raising 100% grass fed cattle.

We are located in southwestern Wisconsin in Richland county, the beautiful driftless area.

About Our Products

100% Grass fed and 100% Grass finished beef.

Bull's Ranch has been raising 100% grass fed and grass finished beef since 2007. Our cattle are predominantly heritage Galloway with just a small amount of Angus for the best natural grass raised beef. These are black and red cattle with a double coat of hair to sustain themselves comfortably in our bitter Wisconsin winters. They naturally shed out in summer.

We absolutely use no grains, no protein tubs, no hormones, no antibiotics. We grown our own hay to assure our cattle are kept chemical free. We use no herbicides or fertilizers on our fields, keeping with our goals of clean, safe beef. We have strong beliefs on raising our animals, adhering to stress free farming. We strive to raise our cattle as simply and naturally as possible, keeping with our goals for flavorful lean grass fed beef.

What We Offer

  • Beef

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