Bryant Family Farms LLC


Melanie Hook and Nico Bryant


Mineral Point , WI

About Us

Bryant Family Farms LLC is a pastured poultry operation located 5 miles east of Mineral Point in Wisconsin’s driftless region. The farm was started in 2012 by Nico when Nico was working for a school district in the northern suburbs of Chicago. In 2016 Nico was able to purchase property after many years of renting ground. In 2017 Nico met Melanie and soon after in 2019 they wed and Melanie has been helping side by side with all the businesses needs. Both Nico and Mel are military veterans and the farms products are registered under the Homegrown by Heroes label program through The Farmer Veteran Coalition. Products also bear the Something Special from Wisconsin logo.

Bryant Family Farms has received 2 Frontera Farmer Foundation grants from well known chef Rick Bayless’ organization. Nico spearheaded a group of local poultry producers and received a USDA VAPG grant and formed a co-op regarding a poultry processing endeavor. We also received a SARE (Sustainable Agricultural Research Education grant in 2016 regarding production methods of Guinea Fowl.

Whether you are seeking a Heritage Turkey for Thanksgiving, or are looking for something different then your run of the mill Cornish Cross chicken, We are your STOP!! We specialize in Niche market, French breed poultry raised on nutrient dense forage April-November. While we do have Chicken and Duck eggs year round.

When you are searching for Local, Sustainable raised Pastured Poultry Meats, We have a large selection of different poultry and fowl. Whether you are looking for Boneless/Skinless Chicken or Turkey Breasts, Ground Chicken or French Guinea Fowl or Black Meat chicken. We are your 1 stop shop for Premium Pastured Poultry products.

We are in the beginning stages of building a sheep flock alongside adding more bee hives and expanding our Coffee Roastery which is currently located on farm. Between 2020-2022 we’ve planted 100 Apple and 20 Pear and 10 Apricot trees. There hasn’t been any pesticides or herbicides sprayed on our land since 2015.

About Our Products

Just a little bit of what we offer YOU

Chicken Eggs

Duck Eggs

Guinea Fowl Eggs

French Label Rouge Chicken (slower growing, thicker skin, much more flavor)

French Guinea Fowl (Guinea Fowl is the 2nd healthiest meat to eat behind rabbit)

Grimaud Duck

Muscovy Duck

Toulouse Goose

Crevecoeur Chicken (Meat, organs and skin is black)

Nicolaus Turkey

Heritage Turkey

Raw Honey

What We Offer

  • Chicken
  • Chicken Eggs
  • Duck eggs
  • Guinea hens
  • Honey (spun, comb)
  • Turkey

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