Big Pizza Pie

We love packing summer's bounty of the sweeter kind into pies, but how about topping a big pizza pie with the flavors of summer?

Here's the formula!

  1. Grab your crust! Grab a baguette from market, mix your own dough, or use some local tortillas (like from Gitto Farm n Kitchen!). Interested in a heartier crust? Here's a tasty whole-grain pizza dough recipe.
  2. Prepare your sauce! For a simple, but flavorful sauce, combine market garlic with fresh herbs in an olive-oil based white sauce.  You can also make your own tomato pizza sauce with paste tomatoes from market...
  3. Choose your toppings! This is where the fun begins. Interested in trying something new? Have picky eaters? Need to feed a crowd? Pizza is the answer to all of these questions. Here are some of our favorite combinations - all of which you can find at market!

What are your favorite summer pizza toppings?