Eat Your Flowers

Week after week, we are entranced by the flowers at our two weekly markets....golden sunflowers, vibrant celosia, and amaranth to name a few!  Did you know that there are some other flowers at market that are ready to be chopped up, roasted, and mashed?  It's broccoli, cauliflower, and romanesco of course!  These three veggies are all examples of flower buds that we eat. Here are some ways to savor these edible flowers and nutritional powerhouses that are a hallmark of the cool fall season. 

Broccoli - You know how many of the things you hated as a child (*cough cough* going to bed early), you love as an adult? Well we think that broccoli deserves a bit of a reputation change! This cruciferous veggie is a primo pizza toppingsoaks up all types of flavor in this pork shoulder dish, and makes a tasty, cheesy quiche a meal

Cauliflower - Unsure what to do with cauliflower? Give it the potato treatment, like mashing up into the creamiest side dishpairing with pasta for a filling dinner, or roasting with parmesan in the oven. Yum! 

Romanesco - Romanesco is also in the Brassica family and features a striking appearance due to its fractal look. Basically, it looks like something out of Dr. Seuss - but don't let its appearance scare you off! Romanesco has a delicate and nutty flavor and is also quite crunchy. Try this veggie blended into a creamy soup, grilled and paired with an herb vinaigrette, and as the star of this salad.