It's a Snap!

"S" is for SPRING (and next week...SUMMER)!  

And....strawberries, spinach, and sugar snap peas. Are you rushing around shuttling kids from soccer to swim practice?  Are you spending every last minute of sunshine riding your bike or out on the boat?  With school over, longer days, and lots of sunshine, it seems that there just isn't enough time in the day for lavish food preparations.  Luckily, Mother Nature provides the perfect solution - loads of produce that is quick and easy to prepare!

1.  Sugar Snap Peas: The crunch, the sweetness...the arrival of sugar snap peas may elicit more excitement than strawberries, in our humble opinion.   Pairing a medley of raw veggies (sugar snaps, sweet peppers, cukes, radishes...whatever strikes your fancy) with a great dip, such as this 5-minute green garlic dip, is all you need for an easy lunch!  In addition to noshing on them raw, try a simple saute to really bring out the flavor of sugar snap peas. Or add some bacon and onions for a super easy side dish.

2.  Strawberries:  The perfect grab-and-go food, strawberries are spring treat which need little more than a quick washing. They are perfect packed for lunch or a quick snack. While we tend to think of strawberries as sweet, they pair beautifully with savory dishes, as well.  Have a delectable strawberry and arugula salad for lunch, or score points with a delightful pork tenderloin with balsamic strawberries for dinner.  Bonus:  It's all cooked on the grill, so fewer dishes to wash! 

If any of your strawberries have made it this far, try a simple strawberry popsicle -- sure to please kids and adults, alike. Plus with no sugar added, these could practically double as breakfast!

3.  Spinach:  Spinach needs cooler temperatures, so enjoy this spring treat while it is here - it will be gone before you know it.  With only 15 minutes of active preparation, you can make this hearty spinach, mushroom breakfast casserole in a hurry and have breakfast ready for the whole week.  For lunch, spinach leaves work beautifully as a wrap for your favorite fillings -- just use in place of a tortilla or spring roll wrapper.  Whip up some of this delightful carrot ginger dipping sauce and you are sure to be the envy of your colleagues.  This super simple cream of spinach soup recipe is a great addition to your week-day dinner repertoire - you can easily substitute asparagus or broccoli instead of the spinach. It's light enough to be enjoyed while the temperatures are rising. And that vibrant green makes you feel like a superhero while you're eating it!