Thyme to Savor Some Herbs!

Want to add oomph to your cooking?  Herbs are the answer!  Whether you have a planter full of herb plantings from our DCFM nursery growers or you pick up a bunch at the Wednesday Market or the Saturday Market on the Square, a sprinkling of chopped fresh herbs can inspire and transform your dishes and beverages. Here are some of our favorite uses:

CILANTRO: Cilantro calls to mind salsa, salsa, salsa! Whether you love a classic pico de gallo or you want to mix it up with a roasted tomato salsa, salsa makes a quesadilla a meal, adds flavor to grilled meats, and can be used the next day in fried egg-topped chilaquiles.

MINT: There is no substitute for fresh mint! Freshly chopped mint is the key to the 'best' mint chocolate chip ice creamroasted beets with fresh mint and lemon, and Israeli couscous salad with mint and scallions.

DILL: We know of the classic dill potato salad, how about dill-infused vodka?  It would be superb in a Bloody Mary! Still have a lot of dill? Here are 8 recipes to use that aromatic bunch!

BASIL: Basil is the key to so many pasta dishes and sandwiches. How about squash, bacon, goat cheese, and basil pasta? This ooey gooey eggplant caponata sandwich is packed with flavor.